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If you are reading these lines, you have the real opportunity to use the services of a dentist in Bulgaria for resolving of your dental troubles in the city of Sofia.

Our team in BEAUTYDENT - Dentist-Bulgaria has the experience to know, that the health of your teeth is very important for your whole robust constitution, so we want to remind you, that some unprofessional work of a dentist in Bulgaria can lead to some very unpleasant results for the patient.

So, where in the city of Sofia we can find the proper dentist in Bulgaria? We have a suggestion - try with us!

BEAUTYDENT - Dentist-Bulgaria is a dental surgery with traditions and routine. This routine gives the opportunity for the team dentist- assistant always to achieve the desired result, both with the simple and with the complicated treatment of your teeth.

Our team in BEAUTYDENT - Dentist-Bulgaria can suggest an excellent dental treatment. The excellent dental treatment always contains two very important conditions: usage of high quality, new, and proved technologies; and professional work of the chosen dentist.

Under the experienced treatment of our Bulgarian dentist your smile will be closer with the desired one than ever. Also, the dental treatment from our team will give you a positive charge; and it will not lead to pain or fear.

Our patients are satisfied, beautiful and smiling. They know that with BEAUTYDENT - Dentist Bulgaria they can always have the attention of a knowledgeable, capable, and, most important - responsible dentist in Bulgaria, with who they can share and resolve their dental troubles.

The synchronized work between dentist and assistant, and dentist and dental mechanic; is available because of the long years of joint action; and our equipment and materials are the latest word in technology.

However, the most valuables for us are you; and our perfect reputation, that was built because of our strategy: suggesting of only high- quality services.

So, relax, you are at the right place, when looking for a dentist in Bulgaria!


  • 13.07.08 Tooth implanting

    A couple of Japanese scientists succeeded for first time in the history to implant a nucleus of a new, completely robust tooth, on the place of an extracted one. This invention opens new possibilities for the dentistry.

  • 12.07.08 Periodontal disease

    Scientists from the American Periodontal Academy have analyzed some scientific researches, devoted to the relation between the psychological status of the humans and the periodontal diseases. The results confirm a close relation between the periodontal diseases and some mental problems (anxiety, depression, loneliness feeling, and permanent stress).

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