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What is the reason to rely on some dentist?
In most cases, it is based on the positive opinions of some friends and fellows, on the professionalism and the experience of the dentist, and on the good reputation of the dental practice.

We suggest to you the opportunity to earn a high - quality final result. It is guaranteed with the individual and adequate approach of the dentist, and with the exacting control of observing of the technologies in any stage of the dental work.

Choosing us you will be healed in a calm and cozy environment!

In BEAUTYDENT you can be sure, that you are protected from the possibility to take any infection. Our employees are trained to observe strictly the instructions for hygiene and sterilization of the dental tools and equipment.

The team of BEAUTYDENT guarantees a maximal quality and painless teeth healing, which is possible because of the usage of modern equipment and of the experience and the routine of the employees.

Our dental practice is created and aimed for exacting people, looking for high quality service- people that appreciate their individuality, beauty and health.

We insist to remind you, that some patients, looking for cheap dental services, are making mistake because of their illusions. Choosing of such kind of services guarantees no quality.
The rate of the dental services is calculated mainly on the payment of the employees- and the good employee will not work for a bad payment, and with cheap materials.
The low rates most- likely lead to a poor service.

Our idea is not only to heal patients with already damaged dental health- we want to make them to know the price of the really good dental practice. In BEAUTYDENT you will forget about the typical fears from the dentist- you will meet concern and comfort. We can suggest a large amount of diagnostics and healing of all dental diseases.

The establisher of BEAUTYDENT dental practice is doctor Bojidar Dimitrov. Doctor Dimitrov is degree in the Faculty of Dentistry of the Medical University in Sofia in 1994. From 1995 to 1998 he works in "Medical Cosmetics Centre" in Sofia, Solunska str. Since 1998 he establishes a private independent practice that was called BEAUTYDENT later. Doctor Dimitrov continuously enlarges his qualification by seminars, courses and symposia.

When you choose the services of BEAUTYDENT, you can check and ensure yourself that the modern dentistry assures pleasant and quality results; and the dental healing and prosthesis work can be a painless process.

And finally- a big convenience is the locality of our practice. We are located in Sofia on 51 Layosh Koshut str., on the right side of the main entrance of the Hospital for Emergency Operations "Pirogov".


  • 13.07.08 Tooth implanting

    A couple of Japanese scientists succeeded for first time in the history to implant a nucleus of a new, completely robust tooth, on the place of an extracted one. This invention opens new possibilities for the dentistry.

  • 12.07.08 Periodontal disease

    Scientists from the American Periodontal Academy have analyzed some scientific researches, devoted to the relation between the psychological status of the humans and the periodontal diseases. The results confirm a close relation between the periodontal diseases and some mental problems (anxiety, depression, loneliness feeling, and permanent stress).

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Use the services of "Shipka" hotel, located only 300 meters from us.


Gallery with photos of dentist Bojidar Dimotrov while working with patient.



Address: Sofia city,
51 Layosh Koshut str.

mob: +359 888 441 666